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USB 2.0 Type C (USB-C) Male to Type C (USB-C) Male Cable

Product Abstract:

1. Sync and charge your USB Type-C™ equipped device simultaneously with this cable
2. Reversible connectors allow for maximum convenience and less damage to devices
3. 10,000+ connector endurance keeps the cable working for a long time
4. Heat resistant cables allow fast charging devices and chargers to operate efficiently
5. 1,000+ bend lifespan ensures a lasting cable
6. Dual layer shielding provides cable flexibility and strength, and reduces unwanted interference

Product Description
Model Fast Charging Type C Male to Type C 2.0 Male Cable
Materil PVC
Cable OD=3.0
length 0.3/0.5/1/1.2/2m/3m
Current 1/2A  
Weight 50g
Color White and Black or Customized
Certification CE, FCC and RoHS

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